When your girlfriend wants to turn you on, but keeps doing it until it lasts like a whole 2 hours. ...Love Ale
"My girl has been teasing me all day what a I gonna do.
by AleTheSauceBossSSandro September 26, 2017
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When someone is turning you on but you can't do anything because you're at school
Oliver was teasing me during math
by person#13333333 May 11, 2018
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A. An expressing manner showing that the person is not fully/completely serious about what they are either saying or doing.

B.To tease is Laughing at one or making a joke about them in a way to embarrass, annoy, or upset them. (CAN BE nicely OR offensively)

C. Refering someone as a tease, you are saying that they like to laugh at people who make jokes about them.
D. To make fun of someone in either an annoying way or a playful way...
Teasing her'With a nice smiley grin he teased her about how she always wore bright red lipstick...
by Notzer December 30, 2017
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The act of lightly dragging one's scrotum across one's partner's face before intercourse.
girl-my boyfriend was teasing me before we had sex the other night
by AustinClair June 19, 2011
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When you fuck someone's hair with a hair brush
Yo gurl you (teasing) your to get that sex hair.
by Rock bob saget yellow pole ble October 14, 2011
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A person who knows what they are doing and they like getting the sexual tension built up to a certain moment then backing out so the other person wants them even more short story later they love the sexual build up and might kiss,makeout, and or other things to keep them wanting more
Damn last night I was teasing him so hard he definitely wants me.


Do you think I was being a tease I didn’t mean to be one should I tell him
by Atlas Elmwood February 17, 2019
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1) verb. To gingerly or carefully perform a difficult action or maneuver so as to achieve positive results.
"Tease it… Teeeeeease ittt… (completion of objective) YES!!! I'VE DONE IT!!! SUCK MY KNOB!!!"
by TheTimeGypsy June 2, 2014
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