To feel a desire or urge for something; to feel a lust toward.
Child: "I want a sticker!"

Dad: "And I want $1,000,000." *Punts child*
by Mongooose August 02, 2009
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basically another name for your mom.
Me: Wan-t,come look at this!
Mom: yesss
(responds quickly in store because of the name wan-t)
by llb December 28, 2005
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Used to describe a highly desirable thing. The new lit (a term that lost favour after it was used by a certain world leader), 'want' can be used to express appreciation and desire.

For example:
"You look want in those speedo's"

"Your new product is want"

"That burger is want"

"I want you because you are totally want"
by Lalihawke October 25, 2018
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A shortened writing of the word wants
I don't know about that but I heard Paul wan't to kick the everloving shit out of Andrew.
by Kunai May 02, 2005
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