He is a great father and is very sweet and kind and he may act all tough on the outside but on the inside he is a cuddle bear and is caring if u are down.
My dad
Earnest is Awesome!
by Kay.A November 13, 2019
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He is a sweet loving dad, who helps if you need it acts all tough and cool but in side he is a sweet cuddle bear
My dad
Earnest is Awesome!
by Kay.A November 13, 2019
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(adj.) from Old English: "rise to the attack", "readiness for battle" (mindset for same). Earlier associated with the will - "resolve", "eagerness", in less militarised times tending to "dignity", "solemnity", seriousness. Need not exclude humour.
John's earnest wish was to enable access to pure water for all.
by Alarick September 3, 2006
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Also called an earnest blowie or an earnie.

A type of blowjob given on a Sunday night while eating breakfast. The blowjob is served with both hands behind the back, at a slow pace, with eye contact half the time. Low-tempo background music is suggested.
Example: "Hey Job I heard your wife is giving earnest blowjobs these days!"
Job: "Yes."
by Splatter Spree November 16, 2017
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An "Earnest Lemmingway" is a liberal intellectual that can see no faults to his elected candidate, justifying every decisions he made even if it goes against the intellectual's core philosophy or own's logic.
- "Finally we have a president who's against stupid illegal wars and against policing the world with our military."
- "But you voted for a man who started an illegal war, not authorized by congress!"
- "This is a different case as this war was justified and could not wait as we needed to help and save those people from tyranny!"
- "You my friend are an Earnest Lemmingway!"
by jahjahlove-1 July 29, 2011
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