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UK slang for high grade cannabis, above average the street weed cheese/ammy/haze.
normally well grown hydroponic in UK or imported from cali, canada or dam.
vinch: yo g, u got them flavours deya?
bobbi: u know i got dat g. girl scout cookies and dat
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by datwayy December 14, 2016
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by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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e.g style Your own personal style of something. The way you act or go about things.
Hey dawg I love that bitches flavour...
by G child June 12, 2004
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A slang name for very high quality cannabis. Usually the cannabis will have a strong and rich aroma/scent/taste which refers to the "flavours". Examples of cannabis strains that are labelled with this term are;

Purple Cookies
Fortune Cookies
Amnesia Haze
Strawberry Haze

The main factors that differentiates normal cannabis types from "flavours" are the high quality (high cannabis oil content) and a strong flavour to the cannabis, due to these factors the cost of these cannabis types are much higher, often four times the value. The average cost of Cannabis is £10/gram and £170/oz whereas "flavours" is around £35-£40/gram and £600/oz.
Got them fire flavours there, £40 a g
by jamiejackherer October 20, 2018
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the unique smell of someones fart which is personal to them.
who farted? that smells like one of bob's flavours
by 6736748 March 22, 2006
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