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Both the literal and metaphorical, formation is the rallying call to both Beyonce fans and Beyonce haters.

For the fans its a call to stand up and fight for what is just, what you believe in, for cultural diversity and for equality among colors, sexes, orientations, wealth classes and any oppressed demographic.

For the haters, get "in formation" is more of a metaphorical meaning. Inform yourself! Just because you don't quit get it or understand it, doesn't mean it's against you and you should hate it.
(Employers found to be paying women less at your job?)
"Ok ladies, now let's get in formation!"
(Flint water bill due?)
"These mother f*ckers better get in formation!"
(Michigan bans sodomy)
"Girl Congress has lost their mind! They better get in formation!"
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by Tyroncé February 11, 2016
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An act of slayage; the position of slay. Created by Beyoncé, the queen of music.
"Okay ladies now let's get in formation 'cause I slay
by babyigotme June 10, 2016
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A song sung by beyoncé at the 2016 Super Bowl. It is well liked despite only being available on her website as well as an up-and-coming music service known as Tidal.
Bob; "Song requests anyone?"
Steve; "Formation please"
Bob; "Yasssssssss"
Beyoncé Jay-Z Super Bowl Performance Bruno Mars Coldplay}
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by formerinfant February 13, 2016
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