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Alternate spelling for Luxy. Or the way you pronounce Luxy when you're REALLY drunk or stoned.
Speaker 1: I forgot I had this bottle of scotch in the cupboard!
Speaker 2: Luxey! I'll light another spliff?
by Noir July 07, 2006
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Luxy is a combination of two words into a new meaning as spoken when either drunk or stoned. The words "Lucky" and "Luxurious". It has nothing to do with race, since Puffy could be just as Luxy as Paris Hilton (if not moreso, considering Puffy's luck, as opposed to Paris' merely being born into money). The term is currently most popular in gay circles and is usually used in rumor bitch sessions, which means it'll be mainstream within 6 months after being portrayed in any random, straight chic flick.
Speaker 1: Check out that girl driving that new Lotus.
Speaker 2: That luxy beeyotch was wearing a mink!
Speaker 1: ew, hold the fir, sir!
by Noir July 07, 2006
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Government by the drug-addled and insane father of the family. When your Father is a violent alcoholic or drug addict and he rules over the family with an iron fist.
After the day dad railed an eighth, it was like he was at his coronation as head of the Metharcy.

When dad smacked me upside the head for being late, I realized I needed to be a better citizen of his Metharcy.
by Noir March 06, 2017
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A drug-addled constituent who votes counter to logic or reason. Their votes are based on how they feel about someone, or how they feel about something. Rarely do they exhibit reason of any kind.
That Methocrat came all the way out here from the comfort of her double-wide to support Trump and to score a quarter.

Neither Democrat nor Republican, but a lot of both, meet the Methocrat. His favorite pastime is doing a line and trolling librals on the internet.
by Noir March 06, 2017
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The dumb stuff niggas do in an attempt to clout chase.
Boonk stole a bunch of donuts. Just walked behind the counter, grabbed a tray of donuts and walked out.
That sounds nignorant af, g.
yeah, but he gained a million followers.
Yeah, well he gained a night in jail, too.
Actually, he got let off with a warning.
by Noir January 18, 2019
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1. When you're feeling drugged, stoned or catatonic from the dro.

2. The come-down from a good marijuana session.

3. That hazy, dazed feeling when you're getting lulled to sleep. (When you wake up, dumb infomercials have been on for hours).
"Get in the car, I'm feelin lo; bout to leave this party."

"That Indica got me on the lo again."
by Noir December 06, 2016
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An old Hollywood washout who dates young, pretty starlets. Like Harrison Ford with Calista Flockhart, or Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones. Or Jack Nicholson and half of LA.
Who's the Lohan Solo with the hot milf on his arm?
by Noir December 06, 2007
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