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A vegetarian who also eats fish or other seafood. From the latin word for fish: piscis. Also known as a fishetarian.
I'm going pescatarian, since I really like lobster and it's so hard to find protein in vegetables.
by Noir July 11, 2006
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Past tense of the word fap. Meaning to masturbate.
Hot chick: Wanna do me?
Geek: Nah, I just fapped it to your pic in last month's issue of Playboy.
by Noir November 11, 2006
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When you shoot jizz during a particularly hot masturbation session, only you shoot wild. SO, after washing, you come back to the scene of the crime to clean up your cummy mess, but there is literally nothing there. You just shot a mystery nut.
"I shot this load over my shoulder, and I know it landed somewhere behind me, but I can't find it! It's gone. I've felt everywhere."
"Bro, you just shot a mystery nut."
by Noir March 17, 2018
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The act of being goofy and stupid at the end of your performance in the hopes of getting more people to vote for you by calling your number at the end of a Reality TV program like So You Think You Can Dance, or American Idol.
I wanted to vote for Ethan, but he kept making these stupid O-faces during his number whoring routine. What a dork!
by Noir June 25, 2007
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A demand that something silly go viral. To do something so nonsensical that it sets the twitterverse abuzz.

To get overexcited about something. To geek out over something of little consequence.
"We just rolled up in the club to get twittered, quick, take a pic."

"I have pics of him without his shirt!"
"Get twittered! He doesn't even have a Dad bod."
by Noir February 9, 2018
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One who engages in illicit drug use only on the weekends, usually because they have day jobs during the week.
Saturday night and the venue is filled with chill pilgrims who just scored E from that shipment that came down the 5 from Vancouver.
by Noir June 28, 2005
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Wealthy, elite, and painfully ignorant college students of America. Typically members of a Fraternity or Sorority, often at one of the Ivy League schools. They are usually unaware of their own privelege, nor do they have empathy for the misfortune of others. In fact, they refuse to acknowledge or take responsibility for causing anyone's problems in the world. They are usually Republicans, but there are plenty of Democrats who qualify for the title as well. See also: vapid, preppie, snobs, evangelicals.
The Ignorati were having a party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, where they gathered to watch the latest Dane Cook video on their 60" plasma TV(s).

I got into an argument with this Ignorati. He was claiming Blondie invented Rap music.
by Noir February 14, 2007
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