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To flirt. To mac. To exhibit your game. To woo a hottie.
Can be spelled pitchin woo as well.
I was pitching woo at some fly girls down at Embers, but they were all a bunch of carpet munchers.
by Noir October 20, 2006
A demand that something silly go viral. To do something so nonsensical that it sets the twitterverse abuzz.

To get overexcited about something. To geek out over something of little consequence.
"We just rolled up in the club to get twittered, quick, take a pic."

"I have pics of him without his shirt!"
"Get twittered! He doesn't even have a Dad bod."
by Noir February 9, 2018
Past tense of the word fap. Meaning to masturbate.
Hot chick: Wanna do me?
Geek: Nah, I just fapped it to your pic in last month's issue of Playboy.
by Noir November 11, 2006
When you shoot jizz during a particularly hot masturbation session, only you shoot wild. SO, after washing, you come back to the scene of the crime to clean up your cummy mess, but there is literally nothing there. You just shot a mystery nut.
"I shot this load over my shoulder, and I know it landed somewhere behind me, but I can't find it! It's gone. I've felt everywhere."
"Bro, you just shot a mystery nut."
by Noir March 17, 2018
A drug-addled constituent who votes counter to logic or reason. Their votes are based on how they feel about someone, or how they feel about something. Rarely do they exhibit reason of any kind.
That Methocrat came all the way out here from the comfort of her double-wide to support Trump and to score a quarter.

Neither Democrat nor Republican, but a lot of both, meet the Methocrat. His favorite pastime is doing a line and trolling librals on the internet.
by Noir March 6, 2017
A Television, but can also be used to define anything that spoonfeeds media to the masses.
Fox News on the propaganda sifter just mentioned that Bush is one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had.
by Noir July 16, 2006
Spanish: To strike someone. Hard. Usually in a fight, but sometimes by accident. The plural of this is chingasos.

Me dio un chingaso en la frente! = He hit me upside my forehead!

Quires unos chingasos? = You wanna go to blows?
by Noir June 20, 2006