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To visit this city, you will need the following:

1. Bulletproof car
2. Lots of guns and ammo
Where you going for the weekend?

I'm going down to Juarez.

Good luck. I hope I see you again.
by Connor johansen November 30, 2012
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The fifth biggest city in Mexico, also called J-Town, Juaritoz, etc. Shares a border with El Paso, Texas, and is the place where bored teengers used to go to to get drunk, high and "dance" on weekends. The time it takes to cross to and from Juarez when there's traffic is like 3 hours.
Juarez is currently one of the muder capitals of the world, so even teenagers are scared of crossing the border. 3 thousand people were murdered here in 2010...
a: Hey, did you hear about those teens they killed at a party in Juarez the other weekend?

b: Which one, the one where they killed 19 of them or the one where they only killed 8?

That was an actual conversation I had.
by KiraGirl December 27, 2010
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Sometimes used as a synonym for "warez."
Hey, I'm looking for a copy of Photoshop, do you think you could hook me up with Señor Juarez?
by Chris Meyer November 07, 2005
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