A slang/synonym for "fuck". Typically used by Forum Goons on SomethingAwful. Replaces any usage of the word.
1. I gently caressing can't stand lemons.

2. What the gently caress is going on here?

3. Needless to say, we gently caressed all night.
by flumpis April 02, 2007
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n. joy, love
v. to love, or to have a good time.
"I wish I was gently caressing right now."
"Me too."

"I gently caress you."
"I gently caress you too."
by ifeelgoodrightnow. September 03, 2011
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In forums, you can't use curse words, so some people say Gently Caress in the place of "fuck". i.e. we gently caressed all night. Therefore, a Novelty Gently Caress is a Novelty Fuck. When someone has sex with someone they normally wouldn't because that person offers something different, a novelty, such as having sex with an obese person, a paraplegic, or someone of different race (or maybe even gender).
I heard Sue and Ginger hooked up. Sue says it was a novelty gently caress, though.
by Noir July 25, 2009
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