1) Really excited for something thats going to happen
2) Really happy about something
1) "I'm buzzing for Alans party on Friday!"
2) "I'm so happy i'm buzzing!"
by snoopy_x June 24, 2010
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To be inebriated.
Usually used when intoxicated on solvents. But has been used for other substances.
Shit dude! I'm fucking buzzing!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 19, 2003
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after you drink alcohol, but not quite drunk, and not quite sober. light headed off of alcohol, but your not drunk. slightly intoxicated..
fuck man im buzzing off of 2 bottles of beer
by nevets n September 10, 2005
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v. Using Google's Buzz service to procrastinate, catch up with friends, or share your thoughts with the world.
I didn't study for the chemistry exam last night because I was buzzing.
by teddywestside February 10, 2010
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The correct term for getting “high” off of a fake dab cart.
Friend 1: Last week we got this cart and after a couple rips I almost threw up.

Friend 2: Pretty sure it was spice cuz I was buzzin like a bitch.

Friend 1: This cart smacks, I’m pretty baked.

Friend 2: Nah this is a dank vape, we’re buzzing bro.
by septembanovemba January 23, 2020
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