The Olympics in which white Europeans can compete and win.
"I can't run as fast as those Kenyans or dive, flip and twist as well as those Asians!"

"You need to start training for the Winter Olympics, Sven."
by onehandcrabbing April 21, 2013
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Sochi is the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Known for their controversiality surrounding homophobia, stray dogs, historical conspiracies, possibility of terrorism and suspiciously poor conditions for American journalists. Some athletes complain about icey snow, difficult tracks, warm weather etc, while many people are trying to "boycott" the Games, which would mean not watching them.

IMO part:
Russian people shouldn't be blaimed for the poor conditions and closed-mindedness in Sochi, but their politics and media. Focusing our anger on Russia as a whole and complaining what a shithole it is, proves how xenophobic we are and creates unwanted political tension. A sports event should be about athletes and their achievements, not about the place where it takes place.
If the backlash about the XXII Olympic Winter Games is so strong, I can only imagine what it was like in the USA during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Hitler Germany.

George Takei made a petition to move the XXII Olympic Winter Games to another city 6 months before them, although preparations for an Olympic event take years.
by ReasonAmongNonsense February 15, 2014
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