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'Machine pistol.' Precedes the number of certain weapon names.
by Nicolai February 15, 2004
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A term used to describe an elected official (female) of the United States Congress, specifically the lower house of Congress (known as the House of Representatives).
After an arduous campaign, Jane became a congresswoman.
by Nicolai August 11, 2004
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A member of the Roman Catholic medieval order charged with reclaiming Christian and Jewish lands in the middle east. Ages later, crusaders became more universally known as Christian warriors whom play a ceremonial role in protecting the Roman Catholic Church.
Reginald was a medieval crusader in the 1300s.
by Nicolai March 30, 2004
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The highest-ranking judge in a given judicial system in the United States of America, whom sits at the head of the Supreme Court for his or her jurisdiction. Each state has one chief justice, as does the federal government.
William Rehnquist is the current chief justice of the United States Supreme Court.
by Nicolai August 11, 2004
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A sea-based branch of the United States military that is jointly operated by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. During times of war, they assist the Navy. During times of peace, their general duties include: border patrol, immigration control, environmental protection, search and rescue, and stopping drug trafficking into the Untied States.
Ensign Jones was part of the U.S. Coast Guard.
by Nicolai April 10, 2004
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The term used to define the penis of the President of the United States.
There have been 42 First Penises since 1776.
by Nicolai January 25, 2004
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A rifleman class of fighter developed by Germany in the early 1900s. When the Third Reich took over Germany, it became the lowest rank in the Nazi infantry.
by Nicolai February 15, 2004
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