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A sea-based branch of the United States military that is jointly operated by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. During times of war, they assist the Navy. During times of peace, their general duties include: border patrol, immigration control, environmental protection, search and rescue, and stopping drug trafficking into the Untied States.
Ensign Jones was part of the U.S. Coast Guard.
by Nicolai April 10, 2004

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is composed of many nations from numerous walks of life. Its purpose is to enforce peace treaties in the North Atlantic and to use military force against violators of those treaties or of human rights.
The United States of America is a leading member nation in NATO.
by Nicolai April 10, 2004

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The leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He has the power to appoint and remove church leaders, including the electors in the College of Cardinals.
The Pope has dedicated his life to serving God.
by Nicolai March 30, 2004

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A member of the Roman Catholic medieval order charged with reclaiming Christian and Jewish lands in the middle east. Ages later, crusaders became more universally known as Christian warriors whom play a ceremonial role in protecting the Roman Catholic Church.
Reginald was a medieval crusader in the 1300s.
by Nicolai March 30, 2004

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The result of Adolf Hitler seizing control of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP, which later became known as 'NAZI') in 1919. The party became militant in the 1920's and was transformed into the sole political party in Germany in the 1930's. Hitler abused the trust of the German people and become the genocidal military dictator, Fuhrer and Chancellor, of the then-called Nazi Germany (Third Reich), which joined the Axis powers during World War II. The Allied forces, primarily composed of American, British, and Russian troops, crushed the Nazi military during a long war campaign. Hitler, realizing his defeat, committed suicide, which threw the Third Reich into disarray, and they surrendered soon after.
Hitler led the Third Reich until the Allied forces whooped the Nazis.
by Nicolai January 25, 2004

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The partner of ex-US soldier Solid Snake in their international anti-terrorist activities. Otacon provides operational support, while Solid Snake physically executes the missions. Otacon's real name is Dr. Hall Emmerich. He first appeared in the video game Metal Gear Solid.
"Are you there Otacon? This is Snake." -Solid Snake
by Nicolai July 02, 2004

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The art of public speaking.
Jon was a forensics expert.
by Nicolai January 24, 2004

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