The president of the United States is the leader of the USA, also known as Jaiden Knight, a 20 year old living his best life
by Jay_money_000 June 3, 2021
The greatest warmonger at any one time on planet Earth.
President of the United States: "Its time for a total war on terror"
Translation: "Its time to rob these Arab bastards of every drop of oil they have"
by An Angry Human Being April 4, 2016
The one job in existence which requires absolutely no skill. One of the greater dangers of living in the United States and to an extent, anywhere in the world is that anybody can be one. That's just the risk you take.
some spoiled brat who bombed syria, started a trade war with china, is building a useless wall, and is a greedy rich white capitalist
im not a hillary supporter but 45th President of the United States is a fucking piece of shit
by some hackerman July 11, 2018
one of the best bands ever to not endorse comercialism. unfortunatly they recieved loads of preassure to tour more and relese more merch. evenually they broke up. some great songs by them are: lump, bag of bones, peaches, feather pluckin, and the list goes on.
by yogurt August 7, 2004