An amazing kind human being that loves cherry (not strawberry) slushy's and deserved better.
"oh my god I love alexei!"

"same I miss him."

"he was so good for this world."

by lost._.ouosion July 8, 2019
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A kind scientist, who prefers cherry, but likes strawberry too.
"Smirnoff here-"

"It's Alexei, his name is Alexei"
by Txrbxlxnt November 3, 2019
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He's the sexiest beast in Russia better Rasputin he is the Russian king
will be missed and we hope he like his American dream alexei
by Eggzfordayz August 16, 2019
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Ah, a fellow intellectual. Only a few words to describe this cherry loving Russian God of a Scientist that is a Child Murderer.
"This taste like shit strawberry," said our Lord Alexei.
by alexei_worshipper2000 July 18, 2019
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A man with a gargantuan cock that is very kind to ladies and is very caring and thoughtful , loves a bit of marmite ,he is very tall
Alexei: Oi mate wont sum marmite
Ginger: nah
Alexei beats them with a chair
by 68292 June 8, 2018
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A fricken awesome America-loving commie whose mind revolves around cherry slurpees and Woody the Woodpecker. He is a scientist from Russia and is on the run from Russian Terminator. Keep away from Russian Terminator at all costs.
"See that man in there? Alexei is one of the most dangerous men in the world. He, uh...has murdered many children."
by Raven the Raptor October 28, 2019
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A Russian boy name that is not very common in the US but is said to be a beautiful name!
I heard the name Alexei in a movie!
by Yovannas August 22, 2008
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