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A Russian boy name that is not very common in the US but is said to be a beautiful name!
I heard the name Alexei in a movie!
by Yovannas August 22, 2008
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A man with a gargantuan cock that is very kind to ladies and is very caring and thoughtful , loves a bit of marmite ,he is very tall
Alexei: Oi mate wont sum marmite
Ginger: nah
Alexei beats them with a chair
by 68292 June 14, 2018
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Alexei is a named used for both boys and girls that signifys beauty but strength, the name is derived by the russians. The name also means "defender of men" Alexei is a person who has flaws but overgrows the to the extend of hating thereself, she/he is known for being funny or liked by alot of people , Alexei is a great person that gives others great advice but would never take it. She/he is caring and open hearted, she/he loves to laugh and smile and hang with her friends. Alexei is the definition of a good person with bad situations in he/her life.. they will hide whats going on in the concept of not hurting others.
Alexei has so much going on in her life
by Ashely Tate August 07, 2018
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All guys with this name are either insanely smart or insanely retarded, but still have a big dick and good/exotic looks nevertheless. The name Alexei is most commonly found in Russia and means "defender of men". Alexei usually has many obstacles in his life and will never think that he's good enough, even if repeatedly told so by others. He offers great advice for others going through his situation but can't seem to follow it himself.
"Wow, Alexei is so cute!"

Guy 1: Hey, have you heard about that kid Alexei? He's 13 and a junior!

Guy 2: I thought all guys named Alexei had to repeat 5th grade 2 times. Huh.
by aeck November 29, 2018
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There are annoying people and then there are those that can make you want to give them a hi-5 in the face, with a chair. The middle finger works just fine at most of such occasions
Alexei is one of those people
Alexei, do you have a chair?
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A cross between a horse, pig, and neanderthal. A very ugly "girl" who has a disturbing obsession with the MLB.
Alexei: *snorts bc pig* *neighs bc horse* *hits head repeatedly against wall bc neanderthal*
Girl 1: "WHAT is that?"
Girl 2: "I think its Alexei"
by bossassmodafucka October 25, 2013
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