Many political parties in various contexts have referred to themselves as National Socialist parties. Because there is no clear definition of national socialism, the term has been used to mean very different things. Since the rise of German Nazism, which called itself "National Socialism", the term has been used in Europe and North America almost exclusively by political parties with racial nationalist views.

However, in other parts of the world, which had little contact with German Nazism, the term "National Socialism" is sometimes used by parties that define themselves as socialist and patriotic, without being racist. In addition, the term was also used by non-racist groups in Europe before the rise of Nazism.
National Socialist are mostly skinheads, neo-nazis, Aryans
Who are Proud of their race
by 14Diesel88 November 4, 2007
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James: I'm hosting a party
Tim: Yeah sick, how big we talking here?
James: Huge, gonna be a National Socialist Party
Tim: Oh shit, it's bouta get litty tonight
by EpicChickenSauceMan05 October 23, 2022
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A political party in the USA whose platform takes parts of the Libertarian party views, parts of the National Socialist views, and the environmental part of the Green party views.

Some of the points on their platform include:
1. Tax cuts for environmental objectives
2. Removal of normative objectives
3. Restore autonomy to the states
4. Reduction of legal complexity
5. Repatriation of non-Germanic populations
6. Create cultural center to oversee media
7. Reputable international politics
8. All undeveloped land is purchased by government to preserve it in it's nature state
9. Tax incentives for inner city development
10. Repeal of laws limiting citizen autonomy
11. Return to strict meritocracy in hiring and education
12. Any area more than 50% concreted must begin planting
13. End tax-free status of religious organizations
14. Certain destructive things banned
The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party advocates the death penalty for genetically modifying foods; dumping of toxic waste; child molestation or possession of child pornography; and possession of nerve toxins.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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An up-and-coming socialist political party in Germany. Their policies promise democratic socialism and a strong economy that makes the world forget about the past
Me: have you heard about the National Socialist German Workers Party?
My friend: yeah bitch, I fuck with that
by You fell for this, didnt you? November 16, 2020
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Formerly known as the American Nazi Party. It was formed in 1959 as the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists. By George Norman Rockwell. A man who despised his in laws because they didn't raise their daughter to be compliant and docile.

After Rockwell was murdered David Duke stated "The greatest American who ever lived has been shot down and killed."

William Pierce the far right extremist who formed the national alliance and authored the Turner Diaries and Hunter. Was a former editor of extremist literature published by the order. I mean the National Socialist White People's Party.

The Turner Diaries in particular has been extremely influential in far right circles. The term Day of the rope is taken from that novel. The bombing attack against FBI HQ described in the novel heavily influenced Timothy McVeigh.

In the Turner Diaries the day of the rope refers to all non-whites and their collaborators (liberals/democrats/jews) being dragged out of their homes and hung in the street. If you were wondering why Trump supporters built a make shift gallows and were chanting hang Pence while they stormed the Capitol and violently assaulted Capitol Police officers. Well. Now you know.
National Socialist White People's Party I am not making that up. It's really what it was called.
by Mr Getz March 21, 2021
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