MG! How the hell did you forget our passports at the Airport.
by Pixelific February 18, 2017
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A British motoring company, now run by BMW (And merged with another comapny, Rover.) It's 50's and 60's heyday saw it dominate the world sportscar market, along with the Jaguar XK120, prompting the United States to start making sportcars, which GM did with the corvette.
The MG TF, Midget, ZF etc.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
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My Guy, A Partner, A Friend, A Guy Friend, Short Meaning For My Guy
Yo Whats Up "MG" How Are You Doing
"MG" Can You Pass Me The Paper Towel
by FwLr_Daruing April 7, 2021
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A total Studgod, masterful in every way. Great King and Ruler, loved by women and adored by children, envied by men for being so awesome and wealthy and having a big unit and balls of steel.

I hope when I grow up I can be a MG.

They all bowed down to his great MGness and kissed his butt.

The baseball star was a real MG.

The women dream of being with MG.

The football player was trying to become a MG.
by bigbhtuan October 7, 2007
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abbreviation for morning glory; Morning glory means that you wake up with such a strong erection you have to walk in a slouched way.
When i have MG i tend to try avoid my family
by tory borty May 7, 2013
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MG, Meaning, "Muzzle Gang"
It was a huge active gang when it first started in the antarctican hood of zimbabwe in 2010 at 7:30pm.
It was as active as 39 MEMBERS!
Tr1ppy: Aye you seem them Muzzle Gang members down their?
Tr1ppy: BET
*booms MG and bites*
by Kid H5 November 20, 2022
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'Machine gun.' Precedes the number of certain weapon names.
That soldier used an MG42.
by Nicolai February 15, 2004
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