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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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The symbol of Germany democracy, burned down in the thirties. A dutch communist in the building that night was executed for the burning down, but it was beneficial to the new nazi government in permanent postponement of democracy.
It is unclear who burned down the reichstag; The nazis; Communist parties; Van der Lubbe?
by Kung-fu Jesus June 24, 2004
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The original German Parliament, but now also used as a byword for 'awesome' or something of 'epic proportions'. Simliar to modern use of the word 'krieg' (german for war) within the metal community.
"Slayer ist reichstag"

person 1: Dude have you hear about Varg trying to skip out on his parole?

person 2: yeah, dude, even in prison, he's pure fucking reichstag!
by I-Am-Anonymous November 16, 2008
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Taken from the Reichstag (see Wiki) fire in Germany before World War II which blamed the Polish for burning a German parliament building, however it was a 'false flag' (again, see wiki) operation, covert and conducted by ones own government to be blamed on one or more foreigners to drum up support to declare war against supposed foreign perpetrator(s).
person 1: Did you see this video on YouTube?

person 2: yeah, man. Clearly illustrates how 9/11 was a reichstag. See all the small blasts blowing out lower windows? They're from charges firing to cut support beams so the entire skyscraper will collapse upon itself onto it's own footprint. It's easy to see but some people deny all evidence and think the US government can do no wrong.
by Phil E. Drifter June 10, 2008
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