1. a clothing brand that has figured out a way to make a $3 t-shirt into a $100 t-shirt. Congratulations.
2. hooray for the hype
Person A: Yo! check out that guy over there with the Supreme shirt
Person B: lucky =
by Brent Chen May 25, 2008
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What started out as respectable clothing line now turned into a shitty cash grab that has it's dick sucked by prepubescent and pubescent teenagers alike.
Guy 1: Dude that kid has got Supreme! He must be rich!

Guy 2: No that means his dad spends stupid shit on his son.
by Supreme Kids are Gay July 13, 2018
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A clothing brand that indicates that someone is poor.
Bought a supreme shirt, got homeless.
by Error 0x0 November 24, 2018
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A lot of the definitions here are wrong so I will try to correct that.

Supreme is a brand that used to be only a skateboard brand, but is now sold their logo on almost every product.

People say Supreme is really expensive. In reality, actual Supreme sold by Supreme themselves isn’t that expensive. It’s actually around 100-500 dollars on the usual. The thing is, this brand is super famous but also extremely hard to get due to limited editions and the fact it’s in only a select few locations. Since it’s extremely hard to find, and most people are too lazy to get it themselves, people resale them on Ebay or Amazon or Craigslist for expensive-as-fuck prices, and idiots buy the resales so they can show off to their friends. Most people buy the expensive resales.

Half the time the resales are fake Supreme products.
And this is why Supreme is considered so expensive.
by nlolhere July 12, 2020
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Highest in rank or authority;paramount;sovereign;cheif

Highest in quality, degree, character, importance

Greatest, utmost, extreme

last or final;ultimate
"The Supreme G"- God
by THE Supreme G February 5, 2005
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I company ruined by elementary schoolers and middle schoolers then getting popular with social media influencers having terrible quality and being sold from 100-1000 or even more dollars
Oh My GoSh Is ThAt SuPrEmE iT hAs To Be FaKe
by CluelessBubb June 1, 2020
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