A politician in Namibia, which is a southern African country. His full name is Adolf Hitler Uunona. He currently is the councilor of the South-West Africa People's Organization. No, he isn't related in any way to THAT hitler.
I met Adolf Hitler in public today at the market in Namibia!

Adolf Hitler's speech focused on the struggles of many people.
by - The Cold Hard Truth - February 27, 2022
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German guy who just wanted his juice...
"I said glass of juice, not gas the jews"
"Ich will mein Juice haben!"
"Eva, wo ist mein Juice!?"
"Aber Adolf Hitler, wir haben kein Juice!"
by Lars_SK November 24, 2021
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Adolf Hitler, was a German painter (1908–1913). He produced hundreds of works and sold his paintings and postcards to try to earn a living during his Vienna years.
Adolf Hitler’s paintings were incredible.
by October 14, 2020
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Why does everykne hate on my grandpa
Well he was Adolf Hitler
Shut up fred
by Adlof Hitlers grandson April 22, 2021
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Leader of the Nazi party and the Third Reich.
Watch the award winning film 'Der Untergang' aka 'Downfall', to see Bruno Ganz's very convincing portrayal of Hitler.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 20, 2005
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