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Wow! What a guy. Someone who is hard working, strong in their beliefs, and loves with all their heart. They are more creative than you will realize and their sarcastic jokes will keep you laughing. Smart, reliable, a little clumsy, funny, and family loving. Sometimes he can really stubborn!
Why is that Dolph guy so nice? I don't know, that's just who he is.
by sweetgirlxoxo February 02, 2015
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someone who is the coolest person you know and does the craziest shit.
check out dolph
he cannot be called dolph, doesn't deserve it
i love that dolph
by Dolphus Raymond December 22, 2009
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A dolph is a catch-all term for someone that delights in fantasy, sci-fi, or nature-related t-shirts.
OMG, look at that dolph in that shirt of a wolf baying at the moon.

Why does the fencing team have so many dolphs on it?

Wow, those star war fans sure are dolphy.
by Dolph lover May 09, 2009
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To first take a dump, take the stool out from the bowl, and then dress it as a Mexican. Then berate it for being lazy and always napping.
Terry hates foreigners but hates confrontation. He'll probably just stay home and Dolph tonight. Tomorrow he'll go to the doctor for e. coli, pink eye, or streptococcus.
by Creepnix April 22, 2011
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A manwhorish, beefy anti-trust. A Dolph can be used as a caveman-like noun. A Dolph can be used as a verb as well. Dolph can be used as a pronoun, adverb, or just a rant-type word.
Cave-man like noun:
-"Dolph RUN."
-"Dolph drink your booze."
-"Dolph drunk."

Verb usage:
-"I'm gonna Dolph that ho tonight."
-"Look at that homo Dolph-ing around looking for a dump truck of pussy."
-"I called her, told her she was hot and that I was looking for a wife, fornicated her, then departed. I Dolphed."

Pronoun usage:
-"That ho looks like Dolph-material...dumb and slutty."
-"Look at that weight lifter, he looks Dolphy."

Adverb usage:
-"He's picking up that hooker Dolph-like"
-"He's suckin' peepee Dolphily!"

-"Dammit Dolph! ethetheth"
-"Fuckin' Dolph!"
by SOF's July 23, 2008
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