To find out someone's secret, or see them doing a shameful act.
Then you yell: "EXPOSED!" while making a "X" by crossing your arms.
Jim broke the table when he sat on it. Jordan exposed him infront of the entire school.
by snake from T.O. September 24, 2008
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1 bro did you see the group chat
2 no
1 conar got exposed again
2 again?
by mr nae nae man January 28, 2021
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when you leak nudes or other personal information
*sent a nude*
"omg did you see ******* nudes, i just exposed her
"you leaked my nudes, i thought i could trust you?!?!!?!?"
"i guess not"
by son of a spanky February 18, 2018
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a specific person being told the real truth.
“i exposed sheila yesterday for saying the n word.”
what’s the n-word?”
“nigger. oh shit. i’m white.”
by dingleberrycherry October 07, 2019
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To reveal information about somebody without the person's consent.
"Did you hear Jarell expose Samantha's pregnant at lunch today?"
"What a slut."
by Ashleeey December 21, 2007
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When someone tells personal information about someone or something to everyone.
Guys did you see Jake trying to flirt with Ashley?
Why'd you expose me bro, thought you said you weren't gonna tell anyone
by Bacha017 October 20, 2015
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Combination of "exposure" and "disposal." Exposal is something that takes place when a person is exposed and embarrassed to the point where they leave and never return.
It's exposal season on Worldstar. People are being exposed and disposed of.
by Noir March 01, 2015
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