A common term used by native Americans to classify white people.
That paleface just gave me this nice blanket.
by Kelsey Courtney November 3, 2005
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Look at that fuckin' paleface. Let's go kill some whiteys.
by PoopyPoo July 12, 2005
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Describes a person who rarely gets exposed to sunlight, thus making their skin somewhat lighter than the average person.
Balfa7<NuBeas> and InSaNe<NuBeas> play on their computer all day, they're such palefaces.
by mat January 1, 2005
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A term used by writers of "Cowboy and Indian" movies generally spoken to define a white person. However, it is not known if this word was used by Native Americans in real-life.
Native American: How, paleface!
White guy: Will you trade your furs for my shiny guns?
by whoabaybay July 5, 2007
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A Finnish rapper whos style is somewhat hip-hop punctuated. Alongside many other great finnish musicians Paleface without a doubt makes his way up to "the elite".
The most famous chorus:

"You can ask a man what
he's accused of or convincted of
but never what he done
Just when you think that you've
been able to turn your life around
before you know it
you're back to square one"

("Back to Square One", from album "Pale Ontologist")
by Esko Pasko February 7, 2004
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The act of ejaculating into one's dominant hand, then giving an open-handed slap to another person with the aforementioned hand.
Dave told me he hit this chick with a hellatious paleface last night. Before he left, he wiped a reminder on the arm of her couch.
by Andrew dorsey July 17, 2006
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