1. To climax extremely fast. To come in a short period of time.
2. A nickname for someone who the above regularly happens to.
1. It only took 30 seconds! He's so <i>quick</i>!
2. <i>Quick</i> Nick's done it again!
by personal experience March 31, 2005
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(noun) A general term referring to any type of sexual lubricant, whether for a solitary masturbational excursion or with an active and consenting sexual partner. Most often is the case the word is used among testosterone-topped tots and teenage males in machismo-infused celebration of masturbation.
Dorm-life on campus.....be careful where you step or sit in the shower room. Grabbing a shared copy of one of many dated issues of the pornographic publication FOX magazine, Jordy was destined to rub another out during shower time at the dorm. Looking about he asked his roommate, Nikki, about the bottle of lube that was also shared, "What did you do with the quick? Didn't you have it last?" Nikki replied, "Oh yeah, second drawer down, on the left I think". Simple instructions led Jordy in short order out the dorm room and towards the shower stalls. 'Watch your everyone' Nikki thought to himself, 'Jordy's still a teeny-bopper and cocked like a cannon'.
by Nikki Stixx July 16, 2021
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Another term for "living"; opposite of "dead". Used often in biblical references.
"Jesus, sitting on the right hand of God, The Father Almighty, will come to judge the quick and the dead."
-near the end of the opening prayer "I believe in God The Father Almighty"
by Dave July 7, 2004
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when your laying down in a full bathtub and fart and your fast enough to bite the bubble before it hits the surface.
wow, that was impressive, you are quick!
by jacd danials July 26, 2010
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steryotypical of a type of person or group, or typical of someone.
*A bunch of black people walk into a room and start rapping*

*A gothic person starts blasting Slipknot from their black car*
Me: Bitches are soooo quick.
by Quickie September 11, 2006
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adjective, doing something fast or in need to do something fast.
Say Joe, if dude wanna make that paper, he betta get here with the quickness.
by doughnigga July 17, 2006
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To do something in a quick or fast manner. It is the sole mission of Speedy Gonzales...
The police were chasing me so I ran with the quickness.
by AntMuscle April 7, 2006
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