to go to sleep. mainly said in reference to a full nights rest, 7 or more hours.
hey man, i'm about to knock out. laters.
by noooooooooope June 7, 2009
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(Informal Noun) a person or thing that is overwhelmingly attractive.
Svetlana knew how to dress to perfectly complement her tall, athletic frame. By virtue of her bright eyes, silky long hair, and a smile that could stop a revolution, people widely regard her as a knock out.
by JigHexadecimal August 26, 2007
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To be asleep.
Yo last night was fucking crazy. Soon as I got home I was tired as fuck. Was knocked out in like 5 minutes.
by Jonny McScrub September 21, 2010
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A sexy transformer who likes the way he looks in steel-belted radials. He attempted to join the Autobots in the television series Transformers - Prime on the last episode only to be rejected, but in the movie he was accepted. Knock Out is very concerned about keeping his finish clean and his paint looking fabulous.
Knock Out is not only an automobile, but an automobile enthusiast.
by carryingthebanner October 23, 2017
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When a person loses conciuessness ( yes i cant spell that)
Due to a accident such as being run over by a car, Hit with a metal pipe, Getting in a fight with someone who would other wise have killed you had your girlfriend not stepped in.
mitchell:" and stay down sucka!"
Your girlfriend:"please stop!
mitchell:"fine.. You got lucky today fool! Remember who knocked out you!'
by koliunaojfhakf July 1, 2006
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when having sex, you go for at least three rounds that are at least 30 minutes long and you don't cum until the the third or later round
round one=no cum, round two=no cum, round three=cum and KNOCK-OUT
by Wizzard the Juggalo December 10, 2010
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