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Nickel tetracarbonyl. A liquid that will line your lungs with nickel metal and gas you with carbon monoxide if you so much as look at it.
Man, did you hear about Prof. Jenkins? He heated up nickel with carbon monoxide and inhaled a load of liquid death. He can't breathe, and he keeps setting metal detectors off.
by Barebanaman October 28, 2009
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1. A drug that can induce unconciousness, similar to alcohol but much more potent. 2 spoonfulls can knock out almost anyone.

2. A phrase that sounds cool if you say it in a metallica-esque voice. It can mean "Cool!" or "Total Destruction!".
- Dont drink liquid death when youre driving or else you will certainly crash.
- Dude that Decapitated concert was straight up LIQUID DEATH!!
- How about a taste of LIQUID DEATH!!?
by Mat August 30, 2006
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