to work at a job that pays so you can afford to moonlight at the job you like.
He plays guitar at night and sunlights as a lawyer.
by Una Malachica January 30, 2008
Something my Gothic adversaries must avoid to continue their undead existance and keep that complexion the same deathly-pale color all year round.
Sunlight is a combination of all the frequencies in the visible spectrum that makes rainbows and happy faces.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 18, 2005
Used to refer to when hair your gets lighter in the summery months due to sun exposure.
I like how my hair lightened up real good this summer, I'm just loving the sunlights!
by tinabobina. April 17, 2010
Direct sunlight

The mortal enemy and known weakness of gamers.
Direct sunlight is sunlight that shines onto a growing boy at full strength, with nothing getting between the sunlight and the child.
by widget master November 12, 2018
Common Bangkok term meaning the surprise and shock of realizing the super hot woman you were dancing with at a club last night is actually a ladyboy when you wake up next to him in bed with the morning sunlight
After meeting a sexy woman at the Q bar the night before, Marcus awoke to a sunlight surprise and rushed to the bathroom to wash out his mouth.
by El Diablo4eva November 12, 2017
The act of jamming pop rocks down your urethra and and having them pop when you cum.
Jonny. Last night I decided to get freaky with Stephanie and I did a sanfrancisco sunlight with her and now my dick hurts so badly.
by SWfan27 May 30, 2017
"I was so high last night I could taste sunlight".
by KittyLaRue February 18, 2014