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A fanny pack that is used for concealing a handgun.
Your not going to pack with that assholster - it screams "Gun!" from a mile off!
by Lior Bar-On May 17, 2004
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Any artillery piece of a size suitable for holding and firing with one hand. Originally referred to a gas-operated pistol marketed by Magnum Research and made by Israel Military Industries, the term is now applied by the general gun-ignorant public to any really mean and scary looking pistol.
That frigging Desert Eagle could knock down a 747 from two miles away.
by Lior Bar-On June 18, 2004
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She came down with the clap, but a snatchquack sorted her out in record time.
by Lior Bar-On August 27, 2003
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A person who does very stupid things, a dimwit.

This word is a contraction of "Cupid Stunt", who was a character on the Kenny Everett Show in the 1980s. This in turn is a spoonerism of "Stupid Cunt". The expression is used by people who watched TV in the 1980s, usually to describe people who were born after show's popularity waned and are therefore unfamiliar with the expression.
1: That fellow was playing chicken with the trains on the railway line.
2: What a cupid.
by Lior Bar-On December 12, 2007
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Beretta 92FS 9mm semiautomatic pistol as adopted by the armed forces of the United States. Probably the sexiest gun of any type ever made.
My M4 burped on a whole shitload of sand, so I whipped out my M9 and continued engaging the bad guys with it.
by Lior Bar-On June 13, 2004
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1. Bell in German. Therefore a glockenspiel is a bell game.
2. Surname of renowned Austrian industrialist, Gaston Glock.
3. Name of a prominent Austrian plastic and tenifer coated steel manufacturer - Glock GmbH.
4. A modern semiautomatic pistol made by Glock GmbH that combines such desirable features as extremely light weight, phenomenal durability, reliability, firepower and an unsettling ability to inspire crappy African-American hate music.
1. Ich habe eine glock.
2. Glock has just been sued again by some dick who shot off one of his own nuts by accident. Of course, when you do that by pulling the trigger of a loaded gun, it's obviously the manufacturer's fault.
3. I'm taking my GLOCK underwater to do some shark huntin'.
by Lior Bar-On August 16, 2004
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