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Beretta 92FS 9mm semiautomatic pistol as adopted by the armed forces of the United States. Probably the sexiest gun of any type ever made.
My M4 burped on a whole shitload of sand, so I whipped out my M9 and continued engaging the bad guys with it.
by Lior Bar-On June 13, 2004
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Running away from a violent confrontation, particularly using Nike sports shoes or where another person may resort to using a small arsenal to shoot his or her way out of it.
We was running low on ammo, so we used the Nike defense and hauled ass outa there
by Lior Bar-On July 13, 2004
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A sycophant or ass (arse) kisser who does not know when to let go. Gives people unwanted attention or compliments, especially when least convenient.
That leg humper of a neighbor sent me a thank you card with flowers for lending her some sugar.

"You're so nice, charming, decent, generous, gracious, captivating..."
"Stop humping my leg! Just did what anyone would have done."
by Lior Bar-On April 22, 2009
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A bureaucratic government department that regulates a dubious service that the public could do without, especially requiring forms that are impossible to fill in or obtain, or when a visit for a trivial affair takes up a whole morning.
My passport expired two days before my flight, and by the time the Ministry of Annoyances had finished issuing a new one, the holiday season was over.
by Lior Bar-On April 4, 2006
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1. A person who takes a keen interest in firearms and ammunition, possibly including the study, peer discussion, ownership, bearing and use thereof - usually used playingly by oneself or by other firearms enthusiasts in this sense. Often associates with people with similar interests.

2. A person who takes seemingly morbid interest in firearms out of a belief that they provide protection, security and freedom while appearing scary to the uninitiated - usually used derogatively by non-gun people, particularly those who are scared of firearms.
Me: I keep my AR-15 mags loaded with hollow points for reduced penetration and higher stopping power for riot protection.
Everyone else: You're just another dangerous Second Amendment freak, a raving gun nut.
by Lior Bar-On May 28, 2006
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1. Bell in German. Therefore a glockenspiel is a bell game.
2. Surname of renowned Austrian industrialist, Gaston Glock.
3. Name of a prominent Austrian plastic and tenifer coated steel manufacturer - Glock GmbH.
4. A modern semiautomatic pistol made by Glock GmbH that combines such desirable features as extremely light weight, phenomenal durability, reliability, firepower and an unsettling ability to inspire crappy African-American hate music.
1. Ich habe eine glock.
2. Glock has just been sued again by some dick who shot off one of his own nuts by accident. Of course, when you do that by pulling the trigger of a loaded gun, it's obviously the manufacturer's fault.
3. I'm taking my GLOCK underwater to do some shark huntin'.
by Lior Bar-On August 16, 2004
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The Federal Transport Security Agency, or any similar airport security screening outfit that commits draconian and degrading invasion of privacy and violation of rights of passengers in the course of its duty, usually under full government protection and no right to recourse.
The Airport Gestapo confiscated GI Joe's two inch rifle and wand raped the owner.
by Lior Bar-On May 30, 2004
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