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A fanny pack that is used for concealing a handgun.
Your not going to pack with that assholster - it screams "Gun!" from a mile off!
by Lior Bar-On May 17, 2004
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Any artillery piece of a size suitable for holding and firing with one hand. Originally referred to a gas-operated pistol marketed by Magnum Research and made by Israel Military Industries, the term is now applied by the general gun-ignorant public to any really mean and scary looking pistol.
That frigging Desert Eagle could knock down a 747 from two miles away.
by Lior Bar-On June 18, 2004
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Running away from a violent confrontation, particularly using Nike sports shoes or where another person may resort to using a small arsenal to shoot his or her way out of it.
We was running low on ammo, so we used the Nike defense and hauled ass outa there
by Lior Bar-On July 13, 2004
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She came down with the clap, but a snatchquack sorted her out in record time.
by Lior Bar-On August 27, 2003
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A bureaucratic government department that regulates a dubious service that the public could do without, especially requiring forms that are impossible to fill in or obtain, or when a visit for a trivial affair takes up a whole morning.
My passport expired two days before my flight, and by the time the Ministry of Annoyances had finished issuing a new one, the holiday season was over.
by Lior Bar-On April 4, 2006
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Any firewarm that is made out to look scary so that banning the civilian posession of it will appear politically correct to hypocritical sycophants who think that only governments and criminals should have guns and that fascist police states that arbitrarily massacre their own citizens are the best thing since sliced bread.
My god - that rimfire's not a plinker, it's a goddam assault weapon!
by Lior Bar-On June 16, 2004
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Search the person of for metallic objects using a handheld metal detector, particularly in a public place and when the subject does not have any reasonable alternative.
My belt buckle set off their gate, so the security nazis wand raped me in full view of everyone.
by Lior Bar-On January 17, 2004
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