to point at a person with your thumb and pointer in a tilted L shape or a 'gun' shape. it is done to signal 'yes', 'gotcha', or 'you know it'
i handguned my friend when he asked if i was going to have a party.
by patcat January 13, 2019
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The Handgun (Verb). To insert both your index and middle finger into a woman's vagina and place you thumb on her clit, thus making a handgun shape with your hand.
"My girl was well horny last night, so I gave her 'The Handgun'.
by superhigh002 June 18, 2015
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when a male's penis is so small that the person giving him a handjob has to make a handgun symbol with their hand and use only the pinky and ring finger to jack them off.
"Oh my gosh, Todd's dick was so small I had to handgun him!"
by spingenogbe April 26, 2010
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receiving fellatio or a hand job and ejaculating clear over your partners head and back into their ass crack, butt hole, or vagina.
" I think I got Allison pregnant yesterday."

"Bro, what the fuck! I told you to always use a condom!"

" I didn't bang her. I shot her with the Hattiesburg Handgun."

(high five)
by Handy Man Dan February 18, 2011
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This is a satirical remark regarding oversized, impractical pistols.
Gawwwd, that .50 is a crew served handgun!
by I, Wreckerrr March 31, 2021
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In LOST, when a character places a handgun in the back of their pants, they risk exposure of fecal molecules to the gun. Later handling of the firearm could then spread said fecal matter to hands, and in turn to eyes and/or mouth, causing illness or infection.
Kate:"Wow, Sawyer, looks pretty sick after waving his gun around."
Jack:"I think we have an acute case of Poopy Handgun Syndrome on our hands. Literally, on our hands."
Kate:"Gross. I'm not banging that dude in the bear cages again. How do you know it's PHS?"
Jack:"Cause I'm a God Damn Doctor, that's how!"
by Ginja Ninja 511 April 16, 2009
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