To feel as thought you can express yourself with 100% clarity. Often felt by those who are under the influence of narcotics.
"dude this is some good chron"..."yeah man, i'm really ludic right now"
by Whytie February 15, 2005
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Lucid is a handsome and humble man he is also sweet when it comes to loving. He will comfort you and make you laugh when you're sad. Keep him
lucid is kind and caring
by Lucider March 11, 2021
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1. Fully breaking through in a psychedelic trip.
2. "Getting lucid" refers to completely losing your mind, and giving in to the trip. Can get hectic, usually the cause for a bad trip or a mad trip

antonym of "getting mortal".
Friend 1: That kid has had 4 tabs, why is he not beaming?
Friend 2: Don't worry, he's going to get lucid soon, i think that was 25i-nbome.

(Friend 2 returns wide-eyed, clutching chest, heart racing)
Friend 1: Where have you been? Are you ok?
Friend 2: Sorry bro, I was sitting under a tree. I got fucking lucid.
by steinlic January 16, 2014
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An element of perception that renders clear comprehension.
The use of mind-altering drugs induces a lucid reformation of the novel mind.
by Earmagnet November 30, 2016
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1. used to described a persons eyes that look very scarcly, completely black / blank. 2. cornea is oversized. 3. eyes are very shiny.
"yo dog, your eyes are so lucid."
by hahabunny November 5, 2011
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I saw in his bookmarks. I bet he's a lucider.
by Sikon December 10, 2006
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You can only defend yourself if your explanation is lucid
by sandyyyyy January 31, 2009
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