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Term for a joint.......
"Pass me that jazz cigarette buddy"
by Lewis1983 June 08, 2005

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Short for Middlesbrough - a town in the North East of England, home to a superb football team and some nice areas like Yarm, Eaglescliffe and Nunthorpe. The rest is a fucking shithole full of illegal immigrants, yardie gangs, crackhouses, litter, and fat single mothers of 15 living off benefits that should all be nuked to make way for my BMW.
"You are my Boro, my only Boro, you make me happy, when skies are grey!"
by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005

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Awful site full of 16 - 20yr old chavs who have the following common traits on their profile:

1 - Their musical taste is "R n B/Hip-Hop/Dance"
2 - Next to "Favourite Author" there is always some comment about "books r 4 saddos" or something.
3 - If male, perfect partner is: "Jordan - she iz mint"
4 - If female, perfect partner is "Vin Deezel" or "Orlando Bloom".
5 - Favourite film for girls "Dirty Dancin".
6 - Favourite film for lads - "2Fast2Furious".
7 - Hobbies include "Gerrin' wrecked wiv ma crew"
8 - TrUe WaNkErS tYpE lIkE tHiS.
Faceparty - created by dicks for dicks.
by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005

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Small town in Teesside, North East UK. Really nice little place but full of arseholes with fake tan and stupid gay mullets talking about how much their latest Prada top cost them, the reality being they work in a clothes shop/bar for £4.50 an hour and they spent a month's wages on it.

The funny thing is the majority of people like this don't live in Yarm - they just aspire to and hail from a giant mock-tudor housing estate called Ingleby Barwick where the houses are 15cm apart, and their parents work in middle management and drive a Ford Mondeo.
"Went to Yarm last night"

"Was it full of cunts?"

by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005

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Nickname given to a reactive person - i.e one who snaps at any opportunity, especially following piss-taking.
"Here come's potassium pete"

"What do you mean?"

"The cunt reacts with anything".
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005

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A geek - named from the noises emitted by Professor John Frink in The Simpsons.
"I see Joe has that train-driving simulator for his PC. What a glayven"
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005

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The rare occurance of one curling out a shit so curly and long that it's tip makes contact with the testicles.
"I swear to God, it was so long and curly I was about to clear up in a game of toilet billiards"
by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005

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