Lewis is a normaly sexy and medium hight type of guy. Also is a chick magnet to every girl all very sporty and funny and likes maths and a very flirt YH guy . ALSO HAS A HUGE D*CK THAT'S NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ;)
Woman : u r sexy Lewis .

Lewis : thank you💙
Woman : 😍😍😍
by (;BIGDICKLEWIS;) October 19, 2018
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Joe: Wow is that Lewis?

Sarah: yeah he has a huge cock
by some guy who isn't named lewis December 9, 2020
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Lewis is a fucking mad cunt he gets all the girls and doesnt dog the boys he is a tru m8 and Lewis is a mad aboriginal
Have u heard of that kid called Lewis he is a fuckn beast
by Fuckn tru blue aussiiee October 27, 2019
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Lewis: A kind soul who is very athletic. He is really good at making you laugh for a lonnnngg time! He’s big brain and loves maths. He probably has brown hair and is British. If you find a Lewis don’t let him go
Girl:have you seen Lewis?
Girl 2: yeah he’s soooo hot

by I’mProbablyDying January 14, 2020
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The best person in the world, if you have a friend or a boyfriend called lewis he will look after you no matter what!

He will always be here for you and hes sooo gorgeous!

Hes tall, handsom and has the most amazing hair ever!

Always make sure you have a lewis in your life!
by Twattttttttyyyyyy January 3, 2014
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A Lewis is a handsome boy that once you meet him you never want to let him go.A Lewis is a great kisser and a smooth,classic boy .He is an amazing all rounder, will also protect himself and anybody else who is in need of help.
I never want to let go of you , Lewis
by Flying poopsicles August 8, 2018
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A quirky guy that doesn't seem to have it all, but he has some talents. He may be socially detached, but the few friends he has have the deepest connections. You'll be lucky to have a Lewis, probably, as long as you're on the same page.
Guy 1 "You should talk to your girl"
Lewis "Nah"
by skyth 731 July 27, 2019
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