An expresssion used when... eh... fuck it.
by yipppeeeKAYyay January 19, 2006
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when you are fed up with something or someone you just dont care anymore
Person #1: Where the fuck is Ray?
Person #2: He's still asleep man.
Person #1: Holy shit, we're gonna be late so just fuck it then.
by RILIL1 July 25, 2008
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Giving up, not wanting to be bothered with it, a feeling of hopelessness.
Fuck it, I quit.
The dog ran off, fuck it, I aint chasing it.
The bastard cheated on me again, fuck it.
by susie fuck it December 12, 2005
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A phrase used right before you do something idiotic.

Before you use this phrase, ask yourself:

Am I high?
Am I drunk?
Am I suicidal?
Am I standing on a ledge right now?
Am I contemplating rape?

If you answered no to all of these questions, then feel free to use the term "Fuck It". You might not kill your self/get arrested.
Jim: *Jim sees duck* Wow! that duck is really arousing!!! I'm going to fuck it!!!

Jim: *Jim stands on edge of cliff* My wife left me. My kids hate me. The hookers I hired bit off my dick. I hate myself. Fuck it. *Jim proceeds to jump off cliff and survives the fall, proceeding to be in a hospital in excruciating pain for the next seven years, only to die later with a ginormous hospital bill for his children to pay.*
by MaxK1234B January 14, 2017
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"Do you wanna go out"
"No, fuck it"

"You're gay"
"fuck it, it doesn't matter"
by ashman November 14, 2003
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jim "man i've got soo menny fucking bills to pay"*Takes a hit* "you know what... fuck it."
by Pilif April 9, 2006
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