something you wish for that isn't really there.
Dude: Hey,where is your car?
Other Guy: What car? Yeah,uh,had a little all I have is my imaginary car.
Dude: Wow,that sucks,guess that makes two of us.
by NikkySeay June 26, 2008
this is a slur that only made up/imaginary people may use or refer. refrain from speaking or writing this word and be conscious that it offends many, thankyou
"man, I'm sick of being imaginary," said your girlfriend
by camerup August 28, 2020
Usually as a result of not having much or any friends in reality, your mind creates an imaginary friend. Even the creator of an imaginary friend cannot see them, unless if they are on LSD, or just hallucinogenic. You're not nessecarily "crazy" if you have one.

You can just talk to them in your mind, they can think for you sometimes, you can ask them for advice or ask them to decide which movie you want to rent tonight. You can get into arguments with them, and you can have intelligent conversations with them.


You can't kill them.

They might slowly fade away in time... but... I don't know...



You can completely change into your imaginary friend. Sad I know.
by Keael January 7, 2006
A device that allows people to communicate out loud with imaginary friends, foes, complaint hot lines, etc, while in public places. Commonly used on public transport.
Sam: That bloke was jabbering away, but had no phone.

Saul: He was using his imaginary bluetooth.
by wheaty August 6, 2008
A "character" created by the imagination to keep a person company. Sometimes, it can be difficult for the person to recognise that their "friend" is not real; at other times, they can be recognised as not being real, but are still used to offer comfort and company.
When I was three, I had one imaginary friend. When I was thirteen, I had five.
by Peeves April 12, 2004
An imaginary friend is NOT the result of mental impairment. Actually, those with an imaginary friend are frequently smarter than most people (two brains in one). It's someone who is always with you, thus you are never alone. He knows you, your greatest desires and your flaws. So he usually judges you... but also the others around you. He comes often when you feel alone and need some help, or need to talk but have nobody trustworthy. An imaginary friend is really helpful, I advise you to try ! But pay attention, if your friend is comic, to not laugh too loud. People could think you're strange, even if it is a good thing, they're not really tolerant.

PS : Never let someone tell you he is not real, “Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” (JKR)
My imaginary friend is Sirius Black, so he never died and is ALWAYS with me.
by Sidocali February 14, 2016