90 definition by Kris

A person who does design. Smarter than you, but nuts
Kasracer knows everything
by Kris April 08, 2003

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Alcohol, liquor, booze.
Yo, pass the alcone, I want to get smashed.
by Kris August 22, 2005

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a really hot guy of east indian decent
damn that dark skinned guy is soo umrao
by kris April 10, 2005

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1) Resembles a Fart
2) Fart like
3) Stupid and Old
4) Old fart like
"That shirt is fartish!"
"She is a fartish person!"
"Now, don't be fartish."
by Kris April 05, 2005

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A killer K can also be one of the most queer men found. (remember he is found in the very gay state of massachuetts) He is so gay that even richard simmons loses in a Gay-off.
The people of Norwell must stay away from Killer K or buy Butt plugs becuase you will feel the wraith of him on your anus.
by Kris March 21, 2005

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really really big -thats all
Kris says, "Damn, Lisa's ass is gigantren!"
by Kris March 19, 2005

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To be intoxicated.
"Dude, no way he's getting home sunk like that."
by Kris June 25, 2004

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