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Kris is a name that give you a wave of love. It's someone that is irreplaceable, Gorgeous and a really rare man. They are very funny and itellaget. If you ever find a Kris you are so so lucky!!
by Emojis April 15, 2017
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Type of guy that doesn't care about what others think. Is the best at all sports ,gets lots of girls and is the ultimate party monster. Also known to be amazing in bed.
Man,I wanna be just like Kris.
New year resolution: become Kris
by Blake Deston June 10, 2017
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Kris. Often a man of sexual desire to those who he himself does not want. An extremely attractive male with self esteem issues. Artistic yet bold. Wild but tame. A Kris is a man to take power in a situation and rule it with an iron fist. Unable to realize his true potential a Kris will often mock his work. Sweet and tempting, yet pushes away those who try to get close. A Kris does not like to be touched. Often found in a quiet room. He Does not like drama. He tends to be quite mysterious. Defiantly someone you want to know.
Person 1: Man who is that guy?
Person 2: Oh thats Kris.
Person 3: Yeah hes so hot...
Person 1: Why cant i be that guy!?!
by DanceFevor July 07, 2011
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An absolutely amazing girl who is beautiful, smart, funny and has an amazing smile. Always knows how to make you happy and is happy to listen when you need to vent. Can always bring a smile to your face even in the toughest of times. A truly wonderful girl that doesn't realise how great she is.
Kris is such an amazing girl.
by Humphrey Bear June 11, 2012
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an irrestistable boy who is the best at all sports and gets all the girls and is the best party boyer
(kris)= i just had sex four times in the past 20 hours

(another hot girl) = you're such a kris
by tittyland May 27, 2008
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An increasingly charming male. Often caught stealing the hearts of tall women. Witty, speaks some french, plays guitar, sings like a bird and captivates you with his humble nature. He lives within the confines of his mind, and never realizes how much everyone adores him.
Ever hear of Thousand Miles? It's such a Kris song.

He's grand! That's so Kris.
by Jenboben1 February 08, 2010
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