a classy, sophisticated manner, much like audrey hepburn. it is classy, glamorous, without being a pushover, and without being flashy. its an element of class.
Audrey Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany's wore SUCH a chic dress - it was so simple and elegant!
by janey h September 6, 2005
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Glam without being trampy - attention grabbing class! It is sophisticated, intelligent, and gorgeous.
A great purse, high heeled shoes and some vintage jewelry can make even a simple outfit chic.
by Laurie7s May 8, 2006
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To be super stylish. One of the cool people. Effortlessly awesome.
Wow, she sure is chic!
by Courtney Aranyos May 3, 2016
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Chic is an elegant fashion sense, that is also very glamorous, and does NOT mean a girl, thats CHICK!
"Wow!!! Your skirt is SOOOOOO chic!"
by Green Day Maniac January 11, 2006
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It's simply just another word for stylish.

Oh, this flatware is so chic.
by kingj0n April 4, 2015
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Hard to define, a certain eliment of style and sophistication in your fashion sense. Almost artisticly stylish (don't ask).
Oh, My God! that vintage Chanel handbag is soooooo chic!
by na February 10, 2004
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Very attractive lady with an air of elegance flowing around her but at the same time she is very friendly and approachable.

She is a very genuine character and there's nothing pretentious about her.

Very sexy but not slutty, not a skank. She dresses herself decently, and appropriately.
That's a sexy chic.
by thejkam August 25, 2015
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