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An expression of confusion and love. Said to friends when there is nothing else to say but "I have no idea what's going on but I enjoy your company regardless."
Friend: So, what do you think about the death of "Mary Halstead"?
Me: ...gooba... :(
Friend: I enjoy Python programming as compared to C++.
Me: Gooba?
Friend: What do you think about the Raider's offensive lineman blah blah blah...
Me: (interupts) GOOOOOOBAAAHHHH!!
by csl110 October 03, 2012
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A very clumsy person or refering to anyone who has done something studid and makes themselves look that way.
John! You're such a gooba!
by Aussie girl May 23, 2005
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in croatian slang the word "guba" (pronounced as gooba) means the same as "cool", "great" or similar. it was quite popular among young people in the 90ies.
(normally guba (gooba) is a word for a desease leprosy.)
"bash je gooba" = it's really cool
"gooba naochale" = cool glasses
"koji gooba sheshir"! = what a cool hat!
by Muzika June 24, 2006
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a gooba is someone who is very funny and weird. many people likes this type of person. they tend to annoy some people but others are entertained with their such energy.
person 1: "haha look at that person over there, they're such a gooba."

person 2: "haha you're right. they're so funny."
by ardnaxela moslof December 18, 2017
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When A females gut sticks out further than her breasts!
"Man that bitch looks like Gooba Gooding Junior!", "Why would i have sex with her, Shes got a Gooba!", "She's a Gooba Trooper!",
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