90 definition by Kris

when you get your nuts removed and then your empty scrotum is sewed directly to your choad and what once was two now becomes one.
Jon's scroad was so smooth that, from certain angles, it appeared to be a runway for his cock.
by kris August 31, 2003

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bugs= Big Underwear Girls
Man that girl is a B.U.G.
by kris April 05, 2005

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1. adj.Limp. Without stimulation. (antonym: whiskey-dick)
2. n. Drop-kick of a human being. Liability to the DNA pool.
"Just finger-bomb yourself; I've gone schlaffi!"
by kris December 06, 2004

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The sexiest man alive and he's all mine
four_c is hawt!
by Kris October 02, 2003

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To confuse. To alter the meaning of. Having to many uses or meanings to use at once. or to scare someonewhen they dont know this word.
I am konfuking myself.
This problem is to konfuked
by Kris July 13, 2003

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n.a lying cheating whore of a boy. He cheats on everyone and will fuck anything that walks. He is a manipulator and will do anything to get in bed with BOYS and girls!
adj.to be a lying cheating whore of a boy.
v. to be manipulated into having sex or making out with a gay guy
"oh look, theres spennyk, he needs to die!"
"That boy is spennykish."
"Damn, girls, I just got spennykayed."
by Kris April 05, 2005

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that which pwns and/or he
Thatching is pwnamer

Dude, are you getting pwnamered?
by Kris March 25, 2005

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