a lady that helped defeat 3 gay aztec men with cool breathing powers, likes to use life threatening situations to train her students and became a guitar to one of the gay aztec men
“My favorite instrument is the drum, what’s yours?”
“Lisa Lisa.”
by düst June 17, 2021
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If you're friends with a Lisa - consider yourself lucky! Lisa's are intelligent, intuitive, and a true friend. She will always check in on you at just the right moments, and has a way of putting out all of your fires with a few thoughtful phrases of advice. The kind of advice that validates your feelings while still holding you accountable for your own actions. She has high level of patience, but don't take her kindness for granted; she will put you in your place if you do!! She's beautiful on the inside and out, witty sense of humor, and an all around genuine person.
by Toeninjas December 31, 2016
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Lisa is a true artist, with her emotions boiling over at times. She's a creative person and a loyal wife and mom.
Be careful with Lisa's feelings, you don't want to end up in a cast.
by kick_back_it's_cool July 05, 2018
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A very caring, compassionate person that has a huge heart. She's a great listener and will always be there for you. She's a lovely person and is very understanding. She very socialble and is extremely beautiful inside and out. She can be selfish or hard at times but in the end she will realise she's in the wrong.

She always loves a party. And is very fun.She likes a drink but she understands when to stop.

If you ever meet a Lisa you will be extremely lucky. It may be an opportunity to find a new caring friend.
Friend: she looks like a Lisa. She loves a rave.
by Familyis4eversaystheheart January 27, 2018
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When someone throws a hissy fit and starts crying over an ex girlfriend. Alternative to the Johnson and Johnson's but only relevant when related to tears over an ex girlfriend.
I can't believe Eddie got upset and left the bar early. He had a bad case of the lisa and lisa's.
by eddieloveslisa September 09, 2014
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