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Something that happens upon people with slow connections, or idiots who don't know when to stop downloading porn.
me: Why does it lag so much? Who the $^@# is downloading porn?
some idiot: me
by Kestrel December 21, 2005

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Someone or something that is lame, although someone who uses the word 'lamer' would definatly not use the word 'lame'. The person in question is normally a fool, and very very annoying.
In a counter-strike server.

*dead*Player1:"I hate th is game, i jusst spent 3 hrs dwnlding a new patch n its still crap, and every1 cheets.
*dead*Afk | kestrel:"Don't play then"
*dead*Player1:"I wnna know how to hack, someone teach me"
*dead*Afk | Kestrel:"Type in your console 'bind mouse1 kill' and you'll kill everyone you fire at"
*dead*Player1:"How do i get down my consol"
*dead*Afk | Kestrel:"the key to the left of '1'"
(A few moments pass)
(The round restarts)
***Player1 Died
Afk | Kestrel:"Lamer..."
by Kestrel November 16, 2004

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Funny as hell movie, but really stupid, involes America going to a Cold War with Canada to get presidential ratings.
" Imagine your children pledging allegiance to the Maple Leaf. Maynonase on everything. Winter, 11 months of the year. Ann Murray... All day.... Every day"
by Kestrel April 25, 2005

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A term either derived from 'meep' which was said by roadrunner on an old cartoon series, or the noise that worms make if you listen really carefully. Orginated on an old mmorpg i played when i was 12-15, people just spammed "m33p" for about 2 days, because well they could.
A dweller(or infact anyone):"Hey"
A dweller:"??????"
by Kestrel November 16, 2004

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Its a bird you dumb shit.
Kestrel pwnz u
by Kestrel June 08, 2003

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A bunker where a country's leader goes incase of attack. Also Adolf Hitler's personal bunker, where he commited suicide.
George W. Bush was escorted to his Fuhrerbunker once the Commies invaded Washington
by Kestrel May 25, 2005

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... Are a myth, see Example below.
"Gangs are a myth put out by the liberal elite to patronize and
demean the working man. I mean, what kind of right-minded youth from a
poor background is going to spend his time stealing things and posing in
silly clothes, when he could be getting ahead with a minimum wage job
and making his parent proud?"
-Alex Shrub, VCPR.
by Kestrel April 23, 2005

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