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Funny as hell movie, but really stupid, involes America going to a Cold War with Canada to get presidential ratings.
" Imagine your children pledging allegiance to the Maple Leaf. Maynonase on everything. Winter, 11 months of the year. Ann Murray... All day.... Every day"
by Kestrel April 26, 2005
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Something that happens upon people with slow connections, or idiots who don't know when to stop downloading porn.
me: Why does it lag so much? Who the $^@# is downloading porn?
some idiot: me
by Kestrel December 22, 2005
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An idiotic dumbass who subscribes to AOL. 1 of a few types of AOL consumers. Usally talks useing extreme amounts of internet shorthand
by Kestrel April 7, 2005
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Device used to sound an alarm if anything increases in size by over 2 Inches, more elaborite systems have a Laser used to disintergate the object.
Pretty Obvious? if not, then go ask your dad.
by Kestrel April 16, 2005
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A bunker where a country's leader goes incase of attack. Also Adolf Hitler's personal bunker, where he commited suicide.
George W. Bush was escorted to his Fuhrerbunker once the Commies invaded Washington
by Kestrel May 25, 2005
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When 3 people love each other, now one where 2 people love the same person is more of a Love Tree, I Guess
Bob loved Jane and Jane loved Angela and Angela Loved Bob, who loved Angela.......
by Kestrel June 26, 2005
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Although Dope is not an Adj., it is somehow used as one, meaning "cool" or "Good"
" oh man, these colors are so dope"
"dope is not an Adjective you dumbass hippie, go to hell"
by Kestrel July 22, 2005
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