A common expression of dismissal. See also piss off, fuck off, eat shit and die.
by LudwigVan March 12, 2004
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Term used to yell at someone when you are mad.
AJ: Dude you are the worst halo 2 player ever.
Zero: go to hell
by AJC4Canes05 August 17, 2006
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it's just a fucking blank word, why do you even look at this "word" you stupid asshole?
You know, i want to tell a story about my fucking dog i don't know. MY DOG FUCKING LIVES RIGHT NOW, THIS FUCKING DOG IS LYING ON MY FLOOR RIGHT NOW... why do you even take your time to read this shit?
Sam: Hey Jack, you are a fucking pussy

Jack: go to hell you fucking moron!
by nokafik January 24, 2017
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Used to be the name of Microsoft's homepage when you searched this at google, along with other 4 pages that cointained no "go to hell" those words but still where the first results shown by google.
input "go to hell" at google searcher and press on I'm Feeling Lucky,.
by Wertoret August 6, 2009
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Thai-made Australian Bush hats worn by F-105 pilots and their EWOs who were stationed in Thailand at Takhli and Korat and flew bombing missions in North Vietnam and Laos during Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War.
'When a new pilot arrived at Takhli or Korat, he immediately purchased a 'go to hell hat' (an) Australian bush hat at the Post Exchange. For each mission flown against North Vietnam, he etched a black hash mark on the front of the hat; for missions into the Hanoi area (Route Package 6), he penned a red mark on the hat. Status in an F-105 Squadron often boiled down to how many red and black hash marks a pilot wore, with the ultimate status symbol being the 100-missions patch he recieved at the end of a tour.' *excerpt from; "Fast Movers: Jet Pilots and the Vietnam Experience" By John Sherwood
by GbythaC July 7, 2013
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To be going to hell in a handbasket is to be rapidly deteriorating - on course for disaster.
Simply put, things get worse and worse and don't seem to get better.
The virus is killing millions of people and thousands of people got laid off. I hate to tell you this but things going to hell in a handbasket.
by Mechavelli June 3, 2020
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