Obvious ..

We may share the same core energy but it’s obvious we are not compatible whatsoever

You know what upsets me but always follow the same pattern

Taking that as my final answer as obviously what I write is attributed to yours or others multiple accounts .. stalker boys too obviously ..

I do find that the most disrespectful actually .. I have a clear writing style that evolved here and get attributed to plebs… as well as them smirking away outside my house ..

Again …

Wow …

Don’t bother with tickets anywhere ..

This or any other lifetime thanks..
Obvious .. why all the attention and bullshit outside my house continues

You created it and now live for it and thrive on it .. pretend otherwise it you like ..

No thanks

by LetsTalkAboutX January 28, 2023
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(lat: "Ob vio": in front of eyes")

A situation so clearly, that you can see it in front of your eyes.
- Oh, my god, that guy is wearing a long night dress!
Is he gay, or something?...
- Well, d'oh! It's so OBVIOUS...
by Ramånen September 9, 2011
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Minsung are so obvious, even Changbin ships them~
by mystayra March 2, 2021
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1.like DUH!
2. something totally clear

Marie "Is it really that obvious that I like him?"
Friend "You scribbled 'I LOVE MIKE' on your entire notebook... so I'd say, yeah, it's pretty obvious!"
by Linda Bobbers September 28, 2006
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The favorite word of mathematicians and computer scientists alike. Used when they don't want to go into detail about a component of their paper or proof. Sometimes acts to discourage people from asking unwanted questions by making them feel stupid.
"While the Binary Indexed Tree is a data structure designed to implement dynamic cumulative frequency tables, efficiently answering range queries with point updates, given a static array, it is obvious that this is unnecessary, as the table can easily be generated by processing the array using a simple O(n) loop." -A Computer Scientist
by ReaderOfProofs May 11, 2016
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Read as "slash obvious", it is used at the end of a statement to note that the previously said was not necessary or the topic being discussed is nothing to talk about because its outcome is so obvious.
<Brian> A recent study revealed that men actually enjoy sex!
<Peter> /obvious
by p-viddy April 21, 2004
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Used on MMO forums the world (of warcraft) over, this meme phrase means that someone is a troll. Or trolling.

Phrase is said to originate, like so many other annoying memes, from lolcats, in this case "longcat is long."
Nubbins: ZOMG I waz dieded wai does game SUK DIK much plz plz nerf thing that kill ME!!!!11

Player: Obvious troll is obvious.
by waru4u February 2, 2009
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