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There are always elites. There is never complete equality for long. G.W.F. Hegel in his *Phenomenology of Spirit* explains why--when two people confront each other, there is an inherent tension created as each seeks to dominate the other. People will fight, overtly or implicitly, until one wins control. This results in a "master/slave" relationship. Hegel's story does not end here, but that is the basic dynamic in any human relationship. Liberals are no different.

The liberal elite is a milder version of Lenin's "Vanguard of the Proletariat." The poor slobs who cannot gain power themselves because they lack the intelligence or drive to seize power and dominate others themselves are championed by some power crazy humanitarians or "power entrepreneurs" who have found a niche group to prey on, the poor and minorities. This liberal (not in the classical sense but the social democratic or socialist sense of the term liberal) elite gains power over more traditional or bourgeois people and steals their money through taxation. They keep much of it for themselves (e.g., salaries for social workers, leftist intellectuals, and bureaucrats) and redistribute what remains to their favored minority groups. They also force the white middle class to hire and go to school with minorities they had rather not associate with. The liberal elite tries continually to equalize the influence of religious groups by suppressing the influence of the de facto dominant religion. The same folks also hate one business firm getting ahead of others, so they use anti-trust legislation to try to bring down the most efficient companies who actually supply people with what they need and want, such as Microsoft. The same egalitarian mindset is at work with attempts to undercut the family by forcing people to accept homosexuality as a legitimate alternative to heterosexuality. Of course, if most homosexuals were guided by social custom into living as heterosexual, then they would probably never even question their sexuality or their role in life. Liberal elites also try to free as many criminals as possible thinking that criminals are not really so bad, they are simply deprived and alienated.

If these liberal elites were subject to the same policies as what they foist on average people, usually through the courts in the U.S., they would be outraged. Elites of any kind have the money and social standing to insulate themselves against the ill-effects of what the liberals are unleashing on society.

The liberal elites also expect blind obedience and loyalty by these marginalized minorities to retain power for themselves. If a member of a minority has the temerity to challenge the liberal elitist for control, they quickly find out that the liberal is not so liberal afterall. Consider Barbara Walters slamming of Star Jones when she simply informed the public about her leaving *The View* or the Clintons reminding blacks about who really implemented civil rights--white liberals such as LBJ and themselves, not MLK and the likes of Barack Obama. Each of these episodes clearly communicate who is in charge and it ain't the blacks. Here we have the white liberal elitists making sure everyone knows who is boss (or should I say "master").
Member of the liberal elite: "I love attending a black church. It is so spiritual. After the service, I think I'll attend the Gay Pride parade down the street. The gays are such fun. I am so opened minded, I have a gay hair-dresser and a black maid."
by Tex in Tex January 27, 2008
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The idiot Communists/Anarchists that start foaming at the mouth every time someone says "capitalism" or "war" or "support the troops".

Unlike NORMAL liberals, Liberal elitists love ripping on the US and trying to "rebel" even though they're in it.
Normal liberal: Bush is a dumbass! Stop the war-

Yeah, "Liberal elite" exists, just like the "Conservative elite". Both are scumbags that make America look like shit.
by OLOL November 24, 2007
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what some retards believe is real. the same people that believe in a liberal elite also believe in black helicopters, illuminati, the da vinci code, aliens, creationism and bigfoot.
Art Bell: tonight on coast to coast am, wel'll talk about the liberal elite. also, george washington, was he bigfoot reincarnated and did he plan for the american government to be a puppet for martians?
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006
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1. Anyone who does not view cross burning as a valid form of dispute resolution.
2. Anyone with a high school education.
"I'm sick o' them liberal elites always usin' facts and statistics to tell me why I shouldn't hate moslems!"
by F. O'Bannion September 10, 2011
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