Saying something is cool. Most heard in big cities. Or, a drug. (Ex. Cocane/Mary J/ Dope)
'Yo that new shirt is dope!' Or 'Look! Some guy is selling dope!'
by DaBossBro128 November 1, 2015
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A word used to describe just about anything good in life, good news, a sick skateboard trick, a nice sports car, etc. Also one of the most casual yet satisfying words in modern slang. It can be used to varying levels of intensity anywhere from a casual "dope" to a mega hype "that's freaking dope man!".

Some belittle this word's meaning to purely a reference to drugs, but I'd argue that's like one of those #3 definitions on, like who cares, only the #1 definition matters.
Kid 1: Yo I just got a sick new water gun from my mom
Kid 2: That's dope bro let's try it out on your sister hehe
Dude 1: *hits gnarly 720 on skateboard*
by JobeOneKenobi July 12, 2020
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People who do not do drugs call Marajuanna Dope.
People who do Marajuanna call Heroin Dope.
Word has also been used to describe how good somthing is.
Don't you be somkin' dope! ( AKA Marajuanna )

OMG, I smoke the green but I don't do dope ( AKA Heroin )

Man that car is dope!
by Jessen June 30, 2003
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A stupid person. Noun
A buffoon, simpleton, dolt or idiot.
Charlie Brown may say block-head.
by Benny XI August 8, 2020
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Someone that ignores common sense and regularly makes stupid mistakes.
You are a dope for going outside barefoot and with wet hair in eight degree temperatures!
by YoungCoolness December 13, 2010
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A word to describe the woman you met, of all places, on Tinder, that has you calling up your best friend 1,000 miles away to have the following conversation:

“Dude, there’s this girl. She’s so hot, and she’s cool too. I’m kind of intimidated.”
“She sounds too good for you. I hope she turns you down.”
“Dude!! Wish me luck…”

A dope girl has these eyes that you get lost in, and hips that you can’t keep your hands off. She’s beautiful when she smiles, but she’s even prettier when she talks. Her text banter is on point; witty, deep, and timely. She’s independent and confident, but she likes to rest her head on your shoulder. She’s sophisticated and chic in the classiest of bars, yet she can get down with the best of them at any old dive.

A dope girl makes you say things that you shouldn’t when you’ve just met her. That is, when you can find your words, rather than stammering all over yourself when you lose yourself, yet again, in those eyes.

A girl’s rating can be described in Dope Stars. The above description would qualify as 5/5 Dope Stars, or more simply, “Dope”.
Bro, I met this girl… she’s dope.
by UhOhAO March 3, 2018
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