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A phenomenon in video games where the game slows down. Many gamers do not have the mental capabilities to deal with said lag, causing them to go into mentally and physically destructive meltdowns.
Luke: *Playing Minecraft* Die n00bs!
Luke: FUCK! SHIT! FUCKIN LAG! AHHHHHHHH!!! WHAT DO I DO?!?! *cries hysterically before having a seizure and dying*.

No one attended his funeral.
by SlutVista September 26, 2014
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Something that gamers type after inserting a butt plug into their anus. This is often done after dying, to better utilize their free time.
They might also say "Lagging" to indicate that they currently have a butt plug inserted.
Gamer has been killed.
Gamer: "Lag"
In game but acting strange:
Gamer: "I'm lagging rn"
by InternetGamer April 24, 2020
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β€’ when texting someone and the conversation is weak and or boring.

β€’ too plain to talk to while texting/calling/ and or in person.
I don't flirt with you when we text because you lag much. our conversations are pretty boring.

I'm not talking to Becky because she's such a lag when we text. is really boring.
by slangtypeshit October 27, 2014
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not to be confused with latency (the time it takes to send a packet to and recieve a response packet from a server along a network), lag is impaired computer functionality (slow application responses or reduced/choppy framerates) resulting from high latency, packet loss, or low-preformance (generally video) hardware

adj. laggy, vi. lag
"My ping's 198?! No wonder this server's so laggy!"


"If you turn down you resolution, you won't get as much lag."
by Johann7 August 24, 2004
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Number one cause of violence amongst gamers.
Gamer with bloody knuckles comes into a bar. The barkeep asks, "What happened to you?" To which the games replies: "Lag..."
by Digital Douglas February 03, 2010
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