word that describes attractive characteristics of a person, male or female, with feminine features.
Johnny: Wow look at that girl!
Tim: I love her green eyes ..
Johnny: Yea, they're pretty !
by lovelylael October 15, 2017
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Beautiful, gorgeous, dressed nice, clean, neat
by prettysydneyy May 5, 2014
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Everyone who is able to believe in themselves
She’s pretty. She knows what she’s doing!
by Ñöū May 26, 2019
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Expressed when a dude/chick is actually in love with the subject, rather than sexy, hot, ect.
Man, Katie is so pretty, I love her so much.
by NoobMuncher March 12, 2007
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CAn’t ReallY tell who it iS.
You see that girl who looks really pretty, I know what her name must be.
by Determined man November 6, 2019
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