44 definition by Kajoe

When a known douche tries to change something about himself but his inner douche still abundantly shines through.
Darrell lost 100 pounds and looks pretty good, but you can't fix douche.
by kajoe June 16, 2011

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The heathen version of an xmas tree.
We decorated our Solstice Spruce today in celebration of the heathen holiday, Winter Solstice!
by kajoe December 07, 2010

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1. Really bad fugly advertising using a lot of cliches, starbursts, etc.

2. Selling cheap shit merchandise to the masses.

3. TV commercials for car dealers with a lot of screaming and yelling with jack asses wearing big ugly cowboy hats or wearing costumes.
1. Steve just loves Wal*Marketing. Everything he asks me to design looks like an ad for Costco or Walmart.

2. Wal-Mart invented the concept of Wal*Marketing. Everything in that store is cheap shit made in China.

3. Cal Worthington is totally into Wal*Marketing with his stupid TV commercials.
by kajoe February 24, 2010

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To puke, vomit, throw up. Usually done when one sees something really disgusting or drinks too much.
The doctor had to extract a squirming bot fly larvae from under Hector's skin. In the middle of the procedure the doc turned away and had to whistle beef.

Jack drank a couple of six packs of swill beer Rainier Light and then went outside to whistle beef.
by Kajoe January 28, 2009

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When you take a nasty dump at work and really stink up the place but get in and out of the bathroom before anyone comes in.
A had to drop a deuce at work today after all of that mexican good last night. I really stunk up the place. But I was able to make a clean getaway.
by kajoe September 16, 2006

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fucking good price
The salesman gave me a FGP on the car so I bought it.
by kajoe August 28, 2006

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Starts with the Iowa Caucuses and ends on Presidential election day. Political BullShitStorm Season is 11 months long. It gets exponentially worse each passing day.
Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann have all been slinging their own brand of bullshit trying to garner the party nomination for president of the US. It appears BullShitStorm season is in full swing.
by kajoe January 03, 2012

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