In this day and age, you can't say spokesman, but you must say spokesperson.
by SuburbDictionary June 19, 2017
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The employee at a bicycle shop whose job is to tension wheels and hubs.
To be a proper spokesperson, you need to know how much to tighten each spoke-nut in order to correctly support the wheel, but to also not be so tight that the end of the spoke sticks through out of the back of the nut and punctures the innertube.
by QuacksO February 12, 2019
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1. A person who is engaged in an impossible and pointless task they know is impossible and pointless, yet they continue trying in spite of the hopeless futility. Not limited to speaking as the representative of another or others.

2. A trumpian task, often contradicted in part or in whole by a trumpian slip.
As the unstoppable asteroid hurtled through space, fixated on it's terrestrial final destination, many trump spokespersons scurried about building mud and straw fall-out shelters in attempt to survive the impact.
by CrewmanNumber06 May 18, 2017
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Any voiceover person on television who pitches lawyer ads with big legal words promising "large cash awards" for your pain, even though they really don't know what the law is nor do they care what happens to you.
I am a non attorney spokesperson. *akward pause*

"Have you been hurt by the following drug or just being plain stupid? Then call 1-888-SCRW-THM. You made entitled to a large cash award."
by Warlord Xenu February 22, 2010
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