support or hope for the success of (a person or group entering a contest or undertaking a challenge).
"the whole of this club is rooting for him"
"the whole of this club should root for him"
by dbarale May 09, 2014
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A person who acts stupid or acts retarded but has no disabilities.
"look at that kid, what a Root Root".
by feendass July 03, 2009
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The best hip-hop group coming out of Illadelph. It originated with Black Thought and ?uestLove. Malik B., Kamal, Hub, and Rahzel were added to the group later on. Malik B. is no longer apart of the group due to drug problems. They are succesful in making commercial tracks while staying away from the mainstream rap you hear nowadays.
Mike: Wattup dunn, you tryn to cop that Ja rule cd?
Dan: Who?
Mike: JA RULE!
Dan: Nah... whoever that is. I'm tryin' to get The Tipping Point by the Roots, but I'm broke as fuck, gotta wait for that welfare to come in.
by Tomi OHh! June 04, 2005
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The most amazing, groundbreaking, & innovative band in Hip-Hop today. One of the only groups of all Genre's that bless the fans with an even better album then the last with each new release. The band evolves and innovates every step of the way.
The band's latest release Game theory is the 7th release and the best one yet. For true fans of the group the flava' at times seems to touch back on Things Fall Apart and even Organix while maintaining a newer, never attempted direction all at once. The album is seamless. One can literally see the track change, however, you cannot HEAR it. Its flow eminates genius. One might compare its transitions and non-stop streaming to that of Dark Side of The Moon.
While The Roots remain the most under-rated band in hip-hop today, all fans agree: There Is no other Hip Hop act out there bringin it like this.
B-boy 1: Yo' sun you got dat' new Roots joint?
B-Boy 2: Word, sun.
B-Boy 1: Yo, spin dat shit B!
B-Girl : (to busy throwin' down to talk)

xPJx : The Roots Crew is The Illest!
Black Thought : No Doubt.

by James iz October 15, 2006
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The root also known as the Boule, is a anti black news organization disguised as black media. The root is responsible for publishing a bunch of racist anti black articles like

"Nipsey Hussle, and Toxic Black Masculinity" "we need to talk about straight black men" "why black women shouldn't date black men" and so much more! The root has a weird hatred against black men for some reason. The root also loves pushing the lgbt agenda on the black community.
Person 1: "Did you read that terrible article on the Root?"

Person 2: "Yep, never read anything on"
by Lil Gucci Bag June 14, 2019
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Uhm... They're not much. Just the greatest god damned hip-hop group of the 90s. I'm listening to "Things Fall Apart" right now, and I'm seriously in awe at how much better this is than any other rap album that's ever been released in the history of music.
Person A: Yo sunnn! I jus kawpped fiddy's nu owl bum 2day. Wut ju git wit yo munny sun?

Person B: Something that's actually worth listening to. I bought an album by "The Roots".

Person A: Aint nobody wunna heer dat shyt sun. put dat shyt away.

Person B: Listen to this.

Person A: Damn, I can't believe I waisted 4 years of my life lsitening to that 50 Cent trash when I could've been indulging my brain in intelligent hip-hop like this. I'm even using proper grammar now.
by Black_Spade July 16, 2008
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In America it means cheering, in Australia it means fucking.
Jim Courier, the American tennis player, was commenting on a match for Australian television. A female player was close to victory on court, while the players for the next match wanted her to close out the match so they could get on court. Courier, "There's two guys in the locker room rooting loudly for her."
by diggler2002 July 12, 2006
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