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a person who is always sick and spreads their germs where ever they are.
Alan is such a human petri dish. He always has a cold and sneezes all over the place.
by kajoe August 19, 2008
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when obama goes to a city many blocks around his destination are shut down causing a horrendous traffic jam known as obama lock.
I tried to drive across town but the obama lock was so bad, it would have been faster to walk.
by kajoe September 15, 2009
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1. A sports personality, usually very overpaid, who has diarrhea of the mouth, trash talks and has no class at all.

2. Most New York Yankee fans can fit in this description as well. They have a big SUV, usually black or other dark color with a huge NY sticker on the back window. They pronounce "New York" as "New Yawk." They act like jackasses when their team wins.
1. Jeremy Shockey is a football neanderthal.

2. Vinnie is a big New Yawk Yankees fan. He is always calling in to "Spawtz Radio" because he thinks he is a Yankees expert. He even has custom NY Yankees pin striping on his SUV. Yankees fans are douche bags.
by kajoe October 5, 2006
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When someone dies and they have a viewing (wake) and then are immediately cremated without any funeral.
No one really cared when she died, so the family just held a wake n bake.
by kajoe August 16, 2008
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The act of losing your life because you disregard your own personal safeety and get too close to a dangerous animal.

Named after Timothy Treadwell, a self-appointed researcher who lived among brown bears in Alaska for 13 summers before getting killed and becoming lunch meat.
Steve Irwin, The Croc Hunter, was treadwelled by a sting ray yesterday.
by kajoe September 4, 2006
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The slowest or last hiker in the group when hiking in bear country.
Chris if you don't stay with the rest of the group you might become lunch meat.
by kajoe September 4, 2006
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When a known douche tries to change something about himself but his inner douche still abundantly shines through.
Darrell lost 100 pounds and looks pretty good, but you can't fix douche.
by kajoe June 16, 2011
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