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Mythical time period in which most half assed tuning companies promote their products as coming to market.

Typical actual time periods stretch anywhere from a year, to never.

See: "Dubwerks"
Revo's BT software will be ready in "two weeks".
by Cypher2k May 28, 2004
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When you're out with your friends and you see a really obese girl/woman nearby, instead of saying to your friends “look at the size of that fat ass over there” which isn’t exactly subtle, you say “Two Weeks” and look in the direction of the target fat ass.

If they’re much larger than your average ‘two weeker’ you start with “two weeks” and then someone else might say “four weeks” and this repeats until you get to a period of time you all agree on.

“Two weeks” comes from the film ‘Total Recall’ In the film Douglas Quaid played by Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Mars inside a robot fat woman suit. Arriving on Mars the robot woman’s head malfunctions and starts repeating the phrase “Two Weeks” before exploding.

“Check out two weeks over there”

More like six weeks”

“No way, that’s four months
by Mr Hauser January 19, 2007
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